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Cyrstal Hot T Ip Blog

How to Successfully Transition to a Managerial Role

​Shifting from an individual contributor to a managerial role can be overwhelming and a difficult...

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[Blog] Hot Tips Header Nisha

Tips for following up after a job interview

You’ve just finished your interview, what’s next? Follow up. Yes, you probably know that by now b...

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Hot Tips Header Daniel

3 tips on how you can resign from your job and leave on good terms

Congratulations! You’ve successfully secured your dream job and you’ve signed on the dotted line ...

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Hot Tips Header Cheryl

What makes a good salesperson

Life in a sales role is often fast-paced, challenging, and exhilarating. It’s a hectic life as yo...

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Hot Tips Header Charmaine

How to be a data scientist in demand

As consultants in the recruitment field, a common question we always get is “what’s the next hot ...

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Hot Tips Header Alvinez

How to prepare yourself for your first day of work

You’ve done it! You’ve gone through the process of applying for jobs and sitting through tough an...

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Hot Tips Header Kady

5 function-specific experiences (Finance & Accounting professionals)

Given the uncertainty swirling in global markets and ever-changing business environments, busines...

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Hot Tips Header Vern

What employers are looking for in Finance & Accounting professionals

Do you have an interview coming up? Have you done your preparation but still feel like you have n...

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Charlene Tan

What makes a good Relationship Manager (RM) and how to excel in a RM interview

Yes, front office roles such as Relationship Managers (RM) in the Banking & Financial Service...

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Venus Lai

How to successfully land a job or interview after meeting a brand's representative

A career fair can be an excellent opportunity for you to advance your career. However, how can yo...

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Kar Yen

Displaying Emotional Intelligence in an interview

If you’ve heard of IQ, you’ve definitely heard of EQ or Emotional Intelligence. In today’s everch...

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Chloe 100

Asking smart questions during an interview

There’s one thing that is guaranteed to happen at every interview you go to. At the end of the in...

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Ethel 100

How to dress for your interview - females

Skirts, dresses, heels or flats? Do you know how to dress appropriately for an interview with a s...

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