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Resume Keywords That Will Land You a Job Interview – Finance Shared Services Edition

​Whether you are looking for a job for the first time or after a long period of employment, havin...

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Cyrstal Hot T Ip Blog

How to Successfully Transition to a Managerial Role

​Shifting from an individual contributor to a managerial role can be overwhelming and a difficult...

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[Blog] Hot Tips Header Nisha

Tips for following up after a job interview

You’ve just finished your interview, what’s next? Follow up. Yes, you probably know that by now b...

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Hot Tips Header Daniel

3 tips on how you can resign from your job and leave on good terms

Congratulations! You’ve successfully secured your dream job and you’ve signed on the dotted line ...

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Hot Tips Header Cheryl

What makes a good salesperson

Life in a sales role is often fast-paced, challenging, and exhilarating. It’s a hectic life as yo...

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Hot Tips Header Charmaine

How to be a data scientist in demand

As consultants in the recruitment field, a common question we always get is “what’s the next hot ...

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