Digital Byte - Market Update

Published on 25th November 2016

Over the last 3 years, Malaysia has seen a significant increase in investment and resulting growth within the Digital sector and as such, the demand for talent has increased proportionately. This can be attributed to a number of immediate factors:

  • MNCs & SMEs see Kuala Lumpur as ideal hub for digital innovation and in particular operations
  • Relative low-cost other Asia locations for talent and key infrastructure
  • Proximity / central location to the rest of the ASEAN region
  • Talent base – capable, growing and worth investing in and English speaking
  • Local policy and institutions catalysing growth - MDec, TalentCorp

All of this is a positive reflection of the government’s vision of Malaysia as a leading digital economy by 2020.

As the local talent pool strives to keep pace with the growth in demand, Malaysia is increasingly becoming the ‘go-to’ location for many organisations looking to establish their Digital Development hub. As KL becomes more of an international hub, it becomes more feasible as a location for very highly skilled ex-pats to be deployed here and help fill gaps in niche, emerging areas within Digital and help build a skill legacy locally. Given the growth in this sector, Malaysia has seen an increased number of returning Malaysians who are bringing international experience and a global mindset back to the home market – this bodes well in terms of fulfilling projected continued growth in demand for talent across all areas listed below. 

Software Development & Engineering

Key FunctionsSalaries (5 to 10 yrs)Salaries (10+ yrs)Grade Difficulty
(10 hardest)
Java Developers7 – 12K12 – 18K6
Front End Developers8 – 15K15 –22K5
Mobile Developers7 – 12KN/A7
Development Operations11 - 16K17 – 25K9
Software Architects12 – 20K20 – 28K4
Ruby on Rails Developers6 - 11K11 - 18K5

Digital Marketing

Key FunctionsSalaries (5 to 10 yrs)Salaries (10+ yrs)Grade Difficulty
(10 hardest)
Advertising Operations6 – 10K10 – 12K6
Analyst12 – 15K15 – 22K8
Social Media8 – 12K12 – 15K5
Digital Marketing10 – 15K15 – 22K5
Digital BD / Sales10 – 15K15 – 18K7
Programmatic20 – 25K25 – 30K9

Design & Usability

Key FunctionsSalaries (5 to 10 yrs)Salaries (10+ yrs)Grade Difficulty
(10 hardest)
UI / UX6 – 10K10 – 12K6
Usability Specialist12 – 15K15 – 22K8
Information Architect8 – 12K12 – 15K5

Strategic Senior

Key FunctionsSalaries (7 to 12 yrs)Salaries (12+ yrs)Grade Difficulty
(10 hardest)
Project Management8 – 12K12 – 18K7
Product Management8 - 14K14 - 20K6
Head of Engineering / VPN/A25 – 40K8
CIO / CTON/A30 – 50K7
Software Architects25 – 30K30 – 45K9