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The Secrets of Successful People

5 Quick Tips On Being Mentally Ready For Life

Successful people are invariably so because they possess a positive attitude and a tough mindset which is the foundation to developing the skills and experiences required in their chosen field.  Successful people have developed a strong, focused, determined and resolute mindset, which enables them to operate effectively under stress and pressure, successfully navigate most challenges they face and take full advantage of their opportunities.  This way of thinking becomes routine and leads naturally from their thoughts and feelings to their actions and behaviours. You too can develop this way of thinking and mindset although it takes hard work and commitment.  Different techniques work for different people but here are five that could work for you: 

1. Find your purpose 

Once you find your purpose in life everything gets a whole lot easier because you understand why you are doing what you do. Being passionate about fulfilling your purpose to achieve your dreams gives you clarity and in turn this clarity gives you confidence in your decision-making. 

2. Set and achieve your goals and milestones 

Your dream is your long-term aim and to make it become reality you need to identify, select and then achieve a series of short-term goals that get you to where you want to go. If you select your goals, you’re much more motivated to achieve them and over time this focus gives you a tougher more determined mindset. 

3. Believe in yourself 

A positive attitude is everything. If you believe in yourself and that you can achieve anything you want to, you’ll develop the confidence to take on and tame new challenges. The clarity around where you are going, and why, really assists in this self-belief because you aren’t second-guessing. You learn to make the right decisions to achieve your goals. 

4. Accept the challenge 

If it was easy everyone would be doing it, but most people are put off by the challenge of something more difficult. By accepting the challenge and taking risks you create growth in your adventure and when the risks pay off you are propelled further forward than would otherwise have been the case. If you don't accept the challenge or take risks, you put limits and boundaries on your success. You cannot achieve your goals unless you risk the setbacks and go for your dream. 

5. Don't give up 

Whatever you do, don't give up. Failure is on the path to success not the opposite to success, failing is an important part of succeeding. You have to adopt the mindset that allows you to create opportunity from adversity and to keep on going no matter how difficult it gets. 

Paul Lyons is an experienced CEO, Coach, Speaker, NED and MTQ48 accredited.  As CEO of Mental Toughness Partners, he assists individuals and organisations to develop their mental toughness to improve performance, behaviour and wellbeing.  You can find him at and 

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