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Malaysia Conquers All

Ambition Malaysia has got something very exciting to announce.

“We’ve won the War for the Planet of Ambition regional competition!”

We all know that in every sales environment, targets are high and so are the stress levels! But at Ambition, it’s a different type of stress. Our purpose is Building Better Futures and for professionals, this means helping them look for their next career move. At Ambition, nothing gives us more satisfaction than being able to help an individual advance in their career and positively transform their lives.

Every now and then, the Ambition Asia regional offices (Malaysia, Singapore & Hong Kong) occasionally compete against each other to create a bit of excitement and competitiveness in the workspace. This round, it’s a 3-week war comprising of three 1-week battles, pitting our offices against each other in a race to see who can help the most professionals build better futures. The winning office will be rewarded with “War for the Planet of the Apes” movie combo which consists of a movie ticket, popcorn and a drink each. To keep the momentum going, everyone in the office also receives an early mark finishing work at  5pm on Friday if they reach the office weekly target.

I am very pleased to say that the Malaysia team had a great time at the movies last night! Everyone was excited and looking forward to the end of the day to let their hair down and enjoy the movie together. The atmosphere in the office definitely heightened that day. There were also a lot of congratulations messages coming in from the other offices since the winning team was announced.


​It's really amazing to see how a little bit of competitiveness injected into work can bring about so much positivity! It shows how passionate everyone in Ambition is regarding what we do, and how determined and energetic everyone is at achieving the goal of building better futures. This couldn’t have been achieved successfully without everyone’s contribution.

Quoting Caesar “Apes together strong!”, and in this case “Ambition together strong!”

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