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Career Comeback Toolkit

Ambition recognises that, as a recruitment provider, we have a responsibility to ensure that we promote equal opportunities and work closely with our company partners to help attract a diverse candidate pool for their business. We are committed to modelling best practices by being proactive in identifying and preventing discrimination, bias or other unfair treatment during the recruitment process. 

Apart from working with our company partners, we support our candidates and jobseekers through providing job search and career advice, and through initiatives such as our Back to Work programme and Women with Ambition series.

As we look to expand our support and reach a wider community of jobseekers, we have partnered with TalentCorp in Malaysia to empower and encourage women as they transition back into the workforce after a career break. Our Career Comeback Toolkit: A guide to returning to the workforce is a comprehensive and detailed handbook that covers practical advice to enable you to make a successful return to the workforce. 

Whether you are considering your options or have made the decision to return from your career break, our guide covers various topics including job search tips, freshening your skills, preparing for interviews, and explaining your career break. You will also have access to a list of useful resources that will point you in the right direction when crafting your plan to return to work. 

I hope that our Career Comeback Toolkit: A guide to returning to the workforce serves as a good starting point as you embark on the next chapter in your career. Ambition wishes you all the best on your next chapter and a successful comeback into the workforce! 

Fill out the form and download your copy of the Career Comeback Toolkit today!

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