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Industry Expertise Network – Technology

Did you know that the Senior Technologist market in KL is rapidly expanding as KL positions itself as a Centre of Excellence in the world stage for IT?

And did you know that Malaysia has big plans for growth at this level in 2017 based on our client projections?

Yes, this is the truth of the market and not just PR – we are very excited by this and so should you be!

We are extremely keen to build up a pipeline in the following areas based on anticipated demand:

  • CIO

  • CTO

  • Head of Infrastructure/Engineering

  • Head of Security

  • Head of Service delivery

  • Programme Director

If this is the Exclusive Network you belong to, then please arrange a consultation with us so that we can provide you with the expert advice you need to move up the IT Executive career ladder and match you with the best opportunities on the market for 2017!

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