​​​My Background

I have spent over a decade in the recruitment industry, with a focus on banking and financial services. While I began my career journey at a prominent global bank, I eventually transitioned into a consultant role within the recruitment field. This shift provided me with ample opportunities to interact closely with individuals spanning from mid-level to C-suite positions within the banking and financial services industries. Throughout my tenure, recruitment has remained a source of profound significance in my professional life. Even after a decade, I continue to derive fulfillment from connecting with candidates and serving as a pivotal contributor to my clients' businesses, adding substantial value along the way.

Roles I Recruit For

I lead the Banking & Financial Services team and we specialise in recruiting for roles within banks, asset management companies, insurance firms, and fintech companies.

Outside of Ambition

After working hours, I enjoy staying active by releasing some sweat on the tennis court or indulging in a rejuvenating Pilates session for a good stretch. During weekends, I occasionally opt for immersive nature experiences, venturing into the wilderness on camping excursions. However, more often than not, you will spot me navigating through a shopping mall, juggling an ice-cream in one hand and groceries in the other, all while chasing after my two energetic young kids.