​​​​My Background

Equipped with a background in performing arts, I attempted to make my mark on the Malaysian arts scene by delving into acting, working on commercials, films, and various small projects with outcomes ranging from modest to notable success. However, the pandemic prompted a shift, leading me into a corporate role where I discovered my passion for sales - an epiphany that fueled my decision to pivot towards a full-fledged sales profession.

Embracing this new direction, I ventured into recruitment, where I not only acquired valuable insights but also forged meaningful connections and gained diverse experiences. Since making this transition, I have found fulfillment in my career, and have not looked back since.

Roles I Recruit For

I specialise in recruiting for IT Sales and Infrastructure professionals at all levels across a wide range of industries.

Outside of Ambition

Outside of work, I enjoy writing jokes, getting nerdy with computers/programming, and playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends on the weekends.