​​My Background

Coffee lover, gym enthusiast, passionate foodie - there are certainly a few ways to describe myself. To put it in simple terms, I'm an adrenaline junkie who loves an intense challenge. Coming from a competitive track and field background, it was by pure chance I found myself in the recruitment industry. I was internally recruited to join the industry and found myself liking every bit of it. The aspect of speaking to different people from various walks of life, the obstacles presented in the form of objections, and the facet of having to understand people on a much deeper level sparked a flame within me which I will hold on to throughout my career.

I'm passionate about recruitment not just for the challenge, but for the ability to make a difference in somebody's life.

Roles I Recruit For

The roles I recruit for range from engineer to head of department level across various specialisms within Engineering such as operations, manufacturing, maintenance, quality assurance & quality control (QAQC), HSE, R&D, project, automation, design, facilities, and more.

Outside of Ambition

You can catch me at the gym, rock-climbing, playing basketball (any other team sport for that matter), or at an event enjoying good music. Anything that involves intense physical activity, count me in!