Contracting, which is also referred to as 'temping' or 'interim' work, is growing significantly in popularity as a mode of employment for both employer and employee.

As such, the market opportunity for contract hiring in Malaysia is currently growing rapidly, especially in niche areas such as Technology and we have positioned ourselves as a premier service provider in this respect.​

Whether you are an experienced contractor or interim professional, or you'd like to know more about this way of working, Ambition can advise you on all areas of this area of the employment market. We have an excellent track record of delivery with multiple clients across a range of industries and as such, we can offer a compelling range of opportunities to contracting professionals at any point in time. Furthermore, at Ambition, our consultants take pride in building long-term relationships with niche communities of ‘contractor’ profile, enabling us to support candidates in their contracting career for the long term.

You can search for and apply to available contractual roles using our quick search function, following which one of our consultants will respond to you within a very short time-frame. Please also feel free to contact us for further discussion regarding opportunities available.