Donnie Maclary

Specialisation: Finance & Accounting
Company Position: Senior Consultant
Email Address: donnie.maclary@ambition.com.my
Phone Number: +60 3 2300 7215

My background:

I have spent the past six years in the US military. Three of those years were spent as a combat medic where I was deployed to Iraq and Kuwait and the other three years as an operation officer mostly in Korea. My career in the army has taught me both the importance of hard work, self-motivation and drive - qualities that I believe will serve me well in my professional career. I currently have a Master's degree in Business Administration with a second in Organizational Leadership in the pipeline.

Roles I recruit for:

I'm a consultant in the Finance & Accounting division at Ambition Malaysia. I focus on roles that include Financial Controllers, Finance Directors, Senior Managers, as well as Chief Financial Officers. I specialize in the commercial section of the Malaysian market. 

What clients and candidates say about me:

"Donnie Maclary took a partnership approach and invested quality time in understanding the depth & breadth of my experience. Donnie is a professional and very quickly he gained great insight within the Finance & Accounting market in Malaysia. He did an excellent job in representing me in roles that matched my profile, met my expectation and kept me motivated."

"Donnie is very proactive and superbly connected with both clients and candidates. His main differentiator from rest of the consultants in the market is his connectivity, transparency, and trustworthiness in the recruitment process.  I had an excellent working experience with Donnie as a candidate and I look forward to working with him as a client."

“Donnie has an eye for connecting client's needs to the right candidate. He has the dedication and commitment to follow through the recruitment process.”

“As a client and as a business professional, working with Donnie has been a pleasure. What stands out for him is his communication, understanding the needs and what would be a good individual fit and above his drive towards achieving the goal in the right and honorable way. It is important in this field to understand culture but to always keep all parties informed no matter what the outcome will be. He understands that people would appreciate this very much so. It is refreshing to see this from Donnie as these days the art of communication and customer service is not as strong as it used to be.”

Outside of Ambition

The one thing that most people know about me is my love for surfing. I have surfed all over the world and so far my favourite place to surf is in Sri Lanka. I also enjoy traveling, one of the best feelings is going to a place you have never been!