Agii Peariasamy

Specialisation: Technology & Digital
Company Position: Managing Consultant
Email Address: agii.peariasamy@ambition.com.my
Phone Number: +60 3 2300 7205

My Background

I officially moved into the world of recruitment through Ambition and been here ever since. What attracted me to recruitment was the opportunity to be in a win-win position i.e assisting an individual in their career growth whilst helping a client in getting the right person in. In addition to that, I was an extreme introvert and I do believe that being a recruiter did help in building my self-confidence.

Roles I Recruit For

In a nutshell, my role involves assisting mid to senior level candidates in their career advancement as well as finding the right candidate for our clients. The roles I recruit for are within IT Infrastructure space such as Network Architects, Database Administrators, Security Engineers and more. The industries that I work with are (but not limited to) IT Shared Service, Financial institutions, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas and more. 

What clients and candidates say about me

"Agii is a highly organized, goal oriented, independent and hard working perfectionist who is always ready to put all her energy and stamina to get the job done. She knows her client’s requirements and matches the candidates with extreme accuracy for our needs and personalities. I’ve never worked with such a dedicated and hardworking individual who truly cares about her clients and her work. She possesses strong public relation skills and a great ability to remain organized at all times. In my opinion, she is an excellent choice for any position to assist the human resources department of any company. She would most certainly make a difference for you and your business."

Outside of Ambition

I am pretty much an indoor person – enjoy painting, reading, or learning new languages. I do have my fair share of mini-adventures whether it’s hiking or ‘Skytrekking’. One of my bucket lists is to go to any country and be able to communicate in their language (not fluently, of course).